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Dear Prospective Partner,

We invite you to join us as a corporate partner to the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA). Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) serve Californians with safe and effective, natural and prevention-oriented primary care medicine. Naturopathic Doctors are expertly trained to treat patients using the highest quality natural therapies, such as whole foods, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, homeopathy and compounded bio-identical hormones, to enhance the body’s ability to heal and achieve wellness.

With your support, Naturopathic Doctors can treat more people and continue to participate in health care outreach that teaches restorative practices to the general public. We are partnering with companies like yours, who are stakeholders in improving the health of Americans through natural living. If you have participated with us in the past, you know how important your support is to us and we thank you. Your contribution has allowed us to pass bills that improve Naturopathic patient care and has strengthened the naturopathic medicine profession in the state. Your continued support will allow us to make naturopathic medicine available to more Californians. If you are new to our partnership program, then you will be joining a group of the finest businesses that are committed to effective natural health care.

California has licensed more than 550 naturopathic doctors over the last 6 years. If we continue at our present rate of growth, we will soon have more NDs than any other state. Additionally, we are very excited that Bastyr University San Diego recently opened its campus. There is a big demand for both a naturopathic medical school and practicing Naturopathic Doctors in the state, and Bastyr's presence will go a long way to meeting these very important needs.

The CNDA’s goals include:
  1. Educating the public on how Naturopathic Doctors effectively and safely treat disease
  2. Advocacy for California and national scope expansion that is congruent with naturopathic ideals
  3. Facilitating growth of the naturopathic medical profession at large

We are currently leading the efforts in public education about natural medicine through our new consumer-oriented website With your support, we can complete the content and launch a PR campaign that will do more for naturopathic medicine public awareness than anything ever done before. Helping our NDs thrive means more business for you, and as a result, more healthy Americans. You are in a prime position to support this growth.

In 2011/12 we were able to accomplish these important goals:
  • Launched an effective public education website for naturopathic medicine:
  • Enacted two important pieces of legislation that improved our scope of practice
  • Established a non-profit organization, The Foundation for Natural Health, to educate consumers on the benefits of natural medicine and bring natural medicine services to the greater community
  • Assisted Bastyr University in the establishment of the first Naturopathic Medical School in California: Bastyr California
  • Provided quality continuing medical education programs for NDs, MDs, DOs, DCs, LAcs, and nurses through our popular Merging Medicine conferences and online Pharmacy Webinars

For 2013, the CNDA goals are to:
  • Continue development of the website content to help consumers learn about Natural Medicine and find NDs
  • Expand the ND search directory to include NDs nationwide
  • Launch a PR campaign for Realize – Find a Naturopathic Doctor to make “Naturopathic Doctor” commonly understood
  • Increase education of legislators, agencies and policy makers on the benefits of natural medicine and the use of natural products
  • Prepare for new legislation to ensure fair and just scope of practice
  • Work toward insurance reimbursement for ND services and treatments
  • Continue to provide quality continuing medical education programs for NDs, MDs, DOs, DCs, LAcs, and nurses through our popular Merging Medicine conferences and Pharmacy Webinars
  • Grow The Foundation for Natural Health in order to:
    • Launch an effective public education campaign for naturopathic medicine & branding Naturopathic Doctors
    • Provide more consumer education on natural medicine
    • Create naturopathic community clinics for the underserved
    • Establish partnerships with schools for healthy lunch programs and health education programs

We invite you to join us as a leader in our “Natural Health Partnership” program. Your support will help us achieve our goals for 2013 and enhance our ability to launch our public education campaign to get Naturopathic Doctors and natural products into the hearts and minds of health care consumers, policy makers, and the greater medical community.

Please take a few minutes to review the benefits that we provide for our “Natural Health Partnership” program. We look forward to working with you to improve the health of Californians and to make the natural products industry stronger.


Dr. Jenn Bahr, ND
CNDA President
On Behalf of The California Naturopathic Doctors Association