Ethix Merchant Services


  • You will reduce expenses with their low rates (interchange plus .25% & $.10 per transaction).
  • Ethix makes it easy for you to make this switch (see below).
  • Ethix will not raise your rate at a future date.
  • Switch and SAVE MONEY for years to come while you support the CNDA with passive income so we can keep doing great work on the professions behalf!
  • If a majority of CNDA doctors and corporate partners switch to Ethix the net result will be $5,000 to $7,000 a month in residual income revenue, every month, for the CNDA!
  • The CEO of Ethix, Steve Patzkowski, will handle all CNDA signups ( - 510-844-5903).

  1. Call Steve at Ethix at 510-844-5903 and discuss your current services with him.
  2. Submit a recent merchant statement to Ethix via email - or fax 240-427-3714.
  3. You will receive a comparison quote that shows what your savings will be, and also what dollar amount will go towards the CNDA
  4. Complete the online application (Steve will provide you with a link to the application).
  5. Ethix will email you a merchant contract (month-to-month, no cancelation fees) for your signature.
  6. Ethix will call you with instructions on how to reprogram your terminal.
  7. You will call your equipment technical support to switch your terminal to the Ethix platform.
  8. Ethix will email you with all account and support information needed for your new account.
And that's it! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you'll have more money in your bank account!