2021 Conference Exhibitor Info

The CNDA 2021 Naturopathic Medicine Conference is right around the corner.

2021 is a new year and a new opportunity for us to bring you an upgraded experience with CNDA. During the course of the pandemic we've been continually working to enhance our virtual offerings and will be rolling out an improved website, updated email formats, diverse webinar choices, and most importantly to you -- a new virtual conference.

We know what you're thinking - not another virtual conference, but 
check out who has already decided this is worth their while!

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Exhibitor Exclusive

As part of our exclusive exhibitor offerings, we've dropped our base price by almost $2000. For a limited time, you can sign up for full exhibitor access for only $900.

But there's more.

You'll have access to a growing list of Level-Ups available at a low additional cost to get your product or organization in front of this professional audience, and their patients by extension. Promote your logo, get a shout out during a live presentation, or share your carefully curated product video. We've been listening to your feedback and we're here to support your efforts.


Confirm your spot now!


If you have any questions, feel free to call 310-670-8100 or email coordinator@calnd.org


Naturopathic Advocates

The CNDA is working to educate state legislative and insurance agencies as well as the public on the benefits of naturopathic medicine. We will continue to build relationships in the naturopathic community in an effort to optimize the impact of the naturopathic doctors in our state.