The CNDA uses a software system called Voter Voice to keep track of current state and federal legislation affecting naturopathic doctors, and to alert you via email when we want you to take action on legislation (such as faxing or emailing your state representatives a customizable letter in favor of or opposing a particular piece of legislation).

The CNDA is working to educate state legislative and insurance agencies as well as the public on the benefits of naturopathic medicine. We will continue to build relationships in the naturopathic community in an effort to optimize the impact of the naturopathic doctors in our state. 
Action Steps
1) Sign up for Action Alerts through Voter Voice. 
When important legislation is up for a vote in our state legislature, the CNDA will contact doctors and patients through email to let them know it's time to act! To ensure all doctors and patients will be contacted, we need you to sign up for our email alerts. Once signed up, you will be notified when it's time to take action on legislation by emailing, calling or faxing your legislators. The CNDA will have letter templates for you to customize and send to let your representatives know you support or oppose a bill. Signing up ensures you stay in the know on a bill's progress, and what action steps you can take. Click here to sign up now!

Doctors, use this VoterVoice sign-up sheet in your office so that you can get your patients involved in our efforts too!

2) Set up an in-district meeting with your representatives.
It's up to you to let our legislators know who naturopathic doctors are! For our bills to be successful, our legislators need to get the facts about naturopathic medicine and what primary care services NDs are trained and willing to provide to California patients. We have put together a webinar training and detailed instructions for doctors interested in setting up a meeting with their local representatives. Visit our Meet Your Legislator page (members only) for more information, or contact, CNDA Legislative Affairs, at

3) Get patients signed up for CNDA email action alerts.
Patients play an essential role in our grassroots efforts and can be the strongest advocates for naturopathic medicine. If you have patients who would like to be able to see an ND for ALL of their primary care needs, ask them to get involved in our legislative efforts! You can share the following link on your facebook page, in patient newsletters and on your website to encourage patients to sign up for the CNDA's email action alerts: Be sure to also use this VoterVoice sign-up sheet in your office!

4) Let the CNDA know about potential allies.
Do you know an MD, DO, DC, nurse or other healthcare professional who would be willing to testify or write letters of support on behalf of naturopathic doctors? You can share their contact information and background with the CNDA using this short form:

5) Let the CNDA know of relationships you have with our California legislators.
If you personally know or work with our legislative representatives, let the CNDA know! These relationships can make a big impact. Click here to let the CNDA know who our legislative friends are.

Latest Update
The CNDA Legislative Committee is researching and creating materials about naturopathic medicine in preparation for the Naturopathic Medicine Committee's Sunset Review in 2022. 

Our big push right now is to get as many of our doctors as possible to meet with legislators in their local districts! In-district meetings are FUN and ensure YOUR INTERESTS are being represented by your elected officials! Get involved now and exercise your super citizen powers!!

Working with our state legislators is an essential part of advancing naturopathic medicine and it is a great way to stay connected with your community. Support from naturopathic doctors, patients and friends has helped propel naturopathic medicine forward in so many ways. Take a look at our past legislative victories and see how your efforts can make a difference!