February 2014 Newsletter

Highlights include:
  • Upcoming Berkeley Conference
  • Preparation for 2014 Scope Legislation
  • CNDA Call for Abstracts
  • CME Raffle Winner: Dr. Brad West, ND
  • Progress on Insurance Coverage of NDs in California
  • Upcoming IV Nutritional Therapy Seminar
  • Community Achievement: Dr. Aimee Shunney, ND
  • More Good News: Another Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of Naturopathic Care
  • IM4US Conference Call for Abstracts
  • Join a CNDA Committee
  • Check out the new CNDA Forum
  • NEW CNDA Classifieds Listings
  • Patients' Insurance Claims Being Denied?
  • Switch to Ethix
  • CA ND Practice Guide Available for Members