Naturopathic Doctor Scope and Public Education: Why Your Financial Donation Benefits Us All

As a member of the CNDA Board of Directors and Fundraising committee, I'm so excited about the opportunity to support the viability of and access to naturopathic medicine in our communities.

The CNDA is a powerhouse team that truly cares, is working hard for our profession and needs the collective support of the naturopathic community.

A financial donation is a great way that we as naturopathic doctors can support the CNDA's efforts on our behalf. I have donated $1000 towards our CNDA goals, which include, but are not limited to: modernizing our scope of practice to reflect both our naturopathic medical training and the national precedent, creating high quality continuing education programs from nationally recognized experts and educating the public about naturopathic medicine through our consumer education platform, What can you do?

We are currently working on 2 very important projects:

1)Help us pass legislation to allow California naturopathic doctors to practice medicine as trained!

We are submitting our Scope of Practice Modernization Bill this winter. Passing this legislation requires a lot of time, energy and money.

The language of the bill is not yet finalized, but we are hoping to have the following improvements to our scope of practice in California:

  • Remove the supervision requirement for prescribing legend and scheduled III-V drugs
  • Ability to hire and give orders to nurses
  • Ability to do minor office procedures
  • Ability to do Grade 5 manipulation

We cannot get this bill passed unless we have enough financial support. Put your money towards something you believe in and help us modernize our scope of practice in California. Please donate all you can now!

How to Donate (Go to this link and click on the desired donation amount):

2)Help us raise public awareness about naturopathic doctors through our educational website about naturopathic medicine:

This website will powerfully help expand naturopathic medicine's stance in a world that is crying out for this medicine in so many ways, but doesn't know we exist. I have had so many patients say that they have been looking for a doctor like me for years, but they didn't know that they had to google "naturopathic doctor." I believe can be a vital resource for our profession to better reach out to the public and let them know how we can help them. Your financial support will help make this a reality.

To donate to this effort, go to:

Beyond my daily work with patients one-on-one, working with the CNDA this year - for our profession as a whole - has been very gratifying and inspiring. It reminds me of the larger healthcare movement that I am a part of. The loving dedication and work that each of you in our profession is doing so that the world can be a healthier place is astounding. I believe that naturopathic medicine is a vital piece of how we can positively change a healthcare system in crisis.

I want to beneficially impact this world in the biggest way I can. I trust that you want to do this too! Please join me by making a donation to these CNDA efforts that are so crucial for the growth of our profession and the health of this world. Everyone deserves to have access to the great care of a naturopathic doctor! And every naturopathic doctor deserves to best serve his or her patients by being allowed to practice the full scope of medicine that he or she is trained in!

I love you all. Thank you. Now give us some money!

Dr. Sarah Murphy, ND is on the Board of Directors, as well as the Fundraising and Public Affairs Committees. For more information about her practice, please visit


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