CNDA Committees

­­About the CNDA Committees

The CNDA is a non-profit membership organization. It is run by a small staff in the home office, a volunteer board of directors, and various volunteer committees. We have been able to accomplish a tremendous amount through collective volunteer efforts, but can do so much more with everyone’s help! As you read through each committee, please think about how and where you can help and then sign up for a committee if you are not already involved. Email Frances at the home office ( with your interests!
Advancement Committee
Headed by co-chairs Drs. Julie Tran and Sarah Murphy. We are currently seeking doctors for this committee! If you have ideas about fundraising, are eager to help raise dollars to move our medicine forward, want to support our legislative work in a non-research capacity or know anyone who may be willing to donate, please join this committee!

Legislative / Insurance Committee
Headed by Dr. Aliza Cicerone. This committee is always pushing to make sure that the ND scope of practice reflects the full training that NDs receive. Our home office team, volunteer doctors, and lobbyists are also working on insurance inclusion for NDs.

This year the legislative committee will be addressing the following:
  1. Working on general insurance inclusion
  2. Sacramento and in-district trips to educate senate and assembly members about our profession
  3. Meeting with stakeholders of various health professions to form more allies
  4. Bill tracking so that we can take a stand for or against introduced legislation that has the potential to impact our profession 

Membership Committee
Headed by Dr. Ariana Poulakos. The committee has been focused on improving community and school outreach to make our numbers in California strong. The membership crew also constantly works on bringing you as many resources as possible to improve the value of your annual membership fee.

The membership committee is currently focusing on:
  1. Clarifying advertising laws and creating guidance on best marketing practices
  2. Increasing member satisfaction with benefits
  3. Strengthening the Mentorship Program

Professional Development Committee
Dr. Rachel Rozelle chairs the Professional Development Committee. This committee creates our Continuing Education events: the Merging Medicine Conferences, Pharmacology, and Naturopathic Webinars. The PD committee also puts together the Business Basics Webinars, a non-CE series, created to conveniently give you the tools needed to thrive in your work environment.
Public Affairs Committee
Headed by Dr. Laura Enfield. We are currently seeking doctors for this committee! If you have ideas about increasing the publicity of the naturopathic profession in California, have experience with or want to gain experience in generating publicity or want to support our legislative work in a non-research capacity, please join this committee!