COVID Antibody Testing - Vibrant America Webinar

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This special webinar was recorded in July, 2020. 

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Join Malek Bishawi from Vibrant America and Dr. Stephen Meeneghan, ND, LAc for this exciting and timely webinar.
Here's what you'll learn:
~Overview of CoVID Testing: Utility of PCR Swab Testing and Antibody Testing

~Clinical Implications 
~Sensitivity and Specificity: What does that mean and what role does prevalence of disease play into false test results
~Assessing what test to use in your practice FDA process in validation 
~What tests are currently FDA Authorized and what are the differences between them 
~How to set proper expectations with patients and what practical language can we use to help them better understand how to move forward
~Vibrant Test Menu and Pricing and New Provider Promotion*
~Q&A (15 min) 

Naturopathic Advocates

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