Lobby Week 2019

April 15-19 is Lobby Week and we’re doing things a bit different this year. Instead of a trip to Sacramento, we want all of our legislators meeting with California NDs in district! It's up to YOU to let our legislators know who naturopathic doctors are. In order for the ND profession to thrive, our legislators need to get the facts about naturopathic medicine and what primary care services NDs are trained and willing to provide to California patients.
1. Find your local representatives here - http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/ and check out their site to see more about who they are and where you’ll be meeting.

2. Then contact Frances at the CNDA home office (coordinator@calnd.org) to see if there is already a meeting scheduled for your district, or if we still need help in your area. She will provide you with the names of other doctors in your district you can reach out to along with the legislative materials to take to your meeting.

3. If a meeting hasn't already been scheduled, reach out to your representative's district office to set your meeting! Frances will be able to provide you with a phone and email script to use with your district's office staff. 

4. After your meeting, email the CNDA and let us know how it went!
Thank you all for supporting your community!
  • Network with your colleagues
  • Meet new NDs to rally to our cause
  • Meet your local senate and assembly members and let them know that having safe, effective healthcare options available to all Californians is important!