Marketing 101: Your Roadmap to Success

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Marketing 101: Your Roadmap to Success
with Patty Ross

This special webinar was recorded in September, 2020. 

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Are you overwhelmed by all the choices for marketing your business?
Not sure where your time and money would be well spent?
Are you just following what everyone else is doing and
hope it works for you too?
If this is you..then it sounds like you may need a marketing plan! Without a plan in place, you could potentially waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to grow your business. 
A well executed marketing plan will help you:
  • ·   Define Your Business with SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • ·   Define Your Target Audience with buyer personas
  • ·   Develop a Budget
  • ·   Define your brand with proper visuals and messaging
  • ·   Determine your best marketing channels for educating your customers, generating leads, and developing brand awareness

Naturopathic Advocates

The CNDA is working to educate state legislative and insurance agencies as well as the public on the benefits of naturopathic medicine. We will continue to build relationships in the naturopathic community in an effort to optimize the impact of the naturopathic doctors in our state.