PW46: An Update on Thyroid Health

Pharmacy Webinar 46

An Update on Thyroid Health
with Peter Koshland, PharmD

TUESDAY, May 25th, 2021
: 6:30 - 8:30pm

2 pharmacy CEs* (approved by CNDA and OBNM)

2 CEs for CA LAc* 

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Presentation Overview: 
As naturopathic doctors, it is imperative that one is knowledgeable about endocrinological issues, specifically thyroid issues. The thyroid gland is in charge of so many aspects of health and an imbalanced thyroid can lead to many vague and broad symptoms, most of which can decrease someone’s quality of life. In this presentation, Peter Koshland wil cover evaluation, testing, and treating patients with hypothyroidism. He will discuss different prescription treatment options and how to prescribe them, including commercial options like porcine thyroid (i.e nature-throid) and levothyroxine (i.e. Synthroid), as well as compounded products like slow-release liothyronine (T3) and liothyronine/levothyroxine combinations (T3/T4). There will be a discussion on how to treat difficult and stubborn thyroid cases. This is a webinar that will cater to both new and seasoned docs.

After the presentation, participants will be able to confidently:

1. Understand the pathophysiology of hypothyroidism, including the HPT axis, thyroid hormone production, and cellular thyroid utilization.
2. Become familiar with the different thyroid replacement options including pure vs porcine thyroid; and commercial vs. compounded T3/T4.
3. Understand dosing, monitoring, and patient counseling for patients on thyroid supplementation including difficult and stubborn cases.
4. Create an individualized treatment plan for patients with thyroid issues based on their personal health history, unique labs, and other treatments they are currently on.

Category 1 TM Credits
CE Provider #805
310 670 8100
This course is pending approval by The California Acupuncture Board for 2 hours of continuing education
This course will be available as a self study after the date of the live webinar. 
*Refunds not available




Peter Koshland, PharmD is a graduate of Georgetown University (1996) and the University of California at San Francisco School of Pharmacy (2000). Peter opened his compounding pharmacy, Koshland Pharm, in 2009 in San Francisco. Through organic growth, Koshland Pharm now has 35 employees and serves patients and doctors throughout the State of California. In addition to his current role as CEO of Koshland Pharm, Peter is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Pharmacy at UCSF.


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