Social Media for NDs


Digital connections are increasing in importance daily. As licensed naturopathic doctors, social media offers an affordable way to connect with current and potential patients.
And while a simple Google search will bring up articles and articles about the basics -- these lack examples from the naturopathic world and often don’t even include practices surrounding medicine itself.
To promote the profession, and help out individuals from the naturopathic community, CNDA has gathered a diverse group of doctors who are making social media work for naturopathic medicine. These doctors are here to share their experiences and answer your questions.
Meet the Drs! They are going to answer your burning questions about social media.
Dr. Ben Reebs, ND
Dr. Bryant Esquejo, ND
Dr. Kasey Holland, ND
Dr. Natiya Guin, ND
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TUESDAY, April 21st, 2pm Pacific
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