JOIN US ON APRIL 18-19, 2015
For Our EndoANP & CNDA Merging Medicine XVII…


Los Angeles, CA | 11 CEs | $249 Member and $299 Non-Member Pricing | $15 Valet Parking
Mariott Marina del Rey | $189 Guest Rooms | Attendee Registration Opens January 20th

Dr. Lyn Patrick, ND
Dr. Jill Stansbury, ND
Dr. Alan Christianson, ND
Dr. Paul Anderson, ND
Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, ND
Dr. Amy Chadwick, ND, FACEMIP
Dr. Tori Hudson, ND

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Fundraising Update
We're only $23,096.36 away from our $100,000 goal!! Thank you to everyone who has donated to the CNDA's work to update the scope of practice for California naturopathic doctors! Please join your colleagues now and help us reach our goal!
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New HIPAA Compliance Templates on the Member-Only Pages!
Log into your CNDA account to access the member-only pages where you will
find a HIPAA 
training quiz for office staff, a new hire HIPPA agreement form,
a Notice of Privacy Rights for your patients and much more! These resources
were provided by attorney Tracy Green during the recent CNDA webinar, HIPAA
for Naturopathic Doctors in a High Tech World. Click here to access the
self-study version of this webinar
at any time.  

Corporate Partners


  • Naturopathic Doctor Scope and Public Education: Why Your Financial Donation Benefits Us All

    • Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    • Lauren

    As a member of the CNDA Board of Directors and Fundraising committee, I'm so excited about the opportunity to support the viability of and access to naturopathic medicine in our communities. The CNDA is a powerhouse team that truly cares, is working hard for our profession and needs the collective support of the naturopathic community.

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  • On Mentorship, Solidarity and A United Front

    • Sunday, June 29, 2014

    • Lauren

    Dear Colleagues, It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to share with you the ways that our California community continues to grow and flourish, is working to create opportunities that support collective growth for our profession at large, and how you can help.

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